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At Equilibrium, my goal is to help my clients find their balance so that they can live the lives that they truly want, in the most effective way possible. I provide caring, nonjudgmental therapy to those struggling with mental health distress as well as physical illness. Whether you are struggling with relational difficulties, mood swings, life transitions, anxiety, depression, gender issues, Bipolar, or chronic pain, I would love to help. I believe in collaborating with my clients to discover how they might find peace, and believe that everyone deserves happiness. 

I work with individuals, couples, families, and teens and no matter what the treatment unit, I welcome people from all walks of life. As part of a comprehensive DBT program, I provide DBT therapy which is an evidence-based therapy that helps with regulating intense emotions and impulsive behavior. This can include behaviors such as binge or emotional eating, self-harm, lashing out at loved ones, and struggling with mood swings. Finally, I have experience with Poetry Therapy and enjoy utilizing creative avenues for self-exploration.

I have training in gender therapy and enjoy helping transgender clients through the transition process, as well as helping those who are gender-questioning develop a sense of their own personal gender identity, whatever it might be. I am also a kink-aware therapist who can provide non-judgmental and informed support to those in the Kink and Poly communities.




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