Join New Compassion Optimization Group!

Are you a healer? In a helping profession?

Do you feel drained at the end of your day? Before your work day even begins? Do you want to let your inherent compassion and care for other living beings shine through in all the work you do? Do you worry about burnout and compassion fatigue?

If so, this is the group for you!

This six-week group will provide you with the skills and support that you need to:

  • Better understand the differences between burnout and compassion fatigue and what it looks like when you start to experience them
  • Increase mindfulness of self and others specifically as a healer
  • Practice non-judgment as a way to increase stress-resilience and optimize compassion towards yourself and others
  • Develop a "toolbox" of customized self-care strategies and a system to integrate them into your daily life
  • Deeply connect with your compassionate and gentle nature while maintaining the inner strength to handle others' suffering
  • Get aligned with your unique style and personality related to healing and the ways that you provide help

Group meets Saturdays from 9:30-11:30 AM in Mira Mesa (with the exception of the final group which will happen in Solana Beach). First group begins Saturday, September 15th, 2018

Cost is one payment of $600, or two payments of $325 each (one at the beginning and one on the third week) by cash, check, or card. Cost covers all six groups and various group materials and handouts. Participants are encouraged to bring their own notebook to take notes.

Group membership is limited to 8 participants! Call, email, or use the contact form on the website to sign up. Last day to sign up is September 12th!

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