This course is for YOU if you:

  • Feel exhausted just thinking about starting your day and your to-do list

  • Can’t remember the last time you “treated yourself” to something enjoyable

  • Find yourself getting irritated or impatient with people more and more often

  • Are constantly sick or in pain and have yet to figure out why

  • Experience brain fog and memory issues that get worse with any stress at all

  • Work with other people and tend to take on the moods of those around you

  • Are plagued with depression and anxiety and the “usual fixes” aren’t working

There is a way out!!!

This course will transform your relationship with self-care so that it is an EASY and JOYFUL part of your life (not just more items for the to-do list)! You will experience:

  • More ENERGY

  • CLEARER thoughts

  • Increased JOY

  • DEEPER connection with the people you care about

  • Feeling GROUNDED

  • Greater RESILIENCE to everyday stressors as well as big crises


This course is the result of my years of experience and personal battles with burnout, figuring out self-care that REALLY works, and trying to fit self-care into a busy life…


Years ago, while I was still fairly young in my career as a Marriage and Family Therapist, I experienced a severe case of burnout. None of the things I used to love brought me joy anymore. Being around other people made me want to scream and then crawl into a hole to hide for a few years. I walked around exhausted constantly in spite of getting lots of sleep, and it felt like my thoughts had to battle their way through wet cement in my brain. I held an enormous guilt if I wasn’t able to be there for someone I cared about, and then a deep resentment when I WAS able to be there for them. After one particularly intense session with a client (during which I had actually had the thought “just leave me alone!”) I realized that something had to change. If I continued down the same path, I’d wind up leaving the field and living a pretty miserable life distanced from everyone around me. 

This course is the result of the NEW path I traveled which pulled me OUT of burnout, allowed me to love others again, and gave me the energy and motivation to create my own private practice where I get to do what I love to do EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. If I can prevent even one person from experiencing the deep burnout that I experienced, or pull just one person out of that deep burnout in less than the YEAR that it took me, I will feel like my suffering had a good reason!


The course contains:

  • Module 1: Orientation – Orient to the best way to take this course in order to get the most bang for your buck! Plus, listen to my personal story of burnout and recovery so you can see what is possible for you! You’ll also learn the two key components that make self-care effective and where most people go wrong.

  • Module 2: What is Burnout and What is Self-Care? – Learn the common signs and symptoms of burnout, how it impacts our lives, and the TRUE definition of self-care.

  • Module 3: Mindfulness 101 – Learn what it means to be mindful and why this is so important for preventing and healing burnout. This module includes concrete practices you can use in daily life!

  • Module 4: Self-Compassion for Burnout – Discover what it looks like to have compassion for yourself and how to use self-compassion as a self-care tool.

  • Module 5: The Power of “No” – Understand what an effective boundary is, how they can help prevent burnout, and why it is so difficult to set them while you are burned out. Includes a system of factors to consider before saying no to something.

  • Module 6: Self-Care Change Strategies – Learn the two types of change-based self-care and how to integrate them in your life easily and effectively.

  • Module 7: The Aw/Awe Factor – Learn the fool-proof techniques that can support you in getting out of even INTENSE burnout and why they work.

  • Module 8: Review – Go over the skills you have acquired during the course and get some ideas on how you can put them all together in your life to effectively prevent and heal burnout.

  • BONUS MODULE 9: Self-Care for Caregivers – Discover how our thoughts are often our own worst enemy when it comes to compassion fatigue and how we can adjust them using mindfulness and cognitive techniques. Also, an in-depth view into boundaries specifically for caregivers.

  • THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE COURSE - Worksheets, video lectures, slideshows, PDF handouts, quizzes and self-monitoring tools to ensure you really understand these ideas and can actually use them in your life.

What you are buying…

This course is a one-time, digital purchase and you will have access for LIFE. You can go through it as often as you want, at your own pace, and you can even download the videos and other content if you want to go through it at a time when you don’t have internet access. This course includes video lectures, worksheets, handouts, audio-recordings, quizzes, slideshows and more - all designed to make learning effective self-care strategies EASY and interesting.

This course is easily worth $800 but because I am so passionate about helping to prevent and heal burnout, I am offering it for the reduced price of $289!

But there’s MORE! If you pre-order the course prior to its release date November 11th, 2019, you can get the whole basic course for $189 – that’s a $100 savings (or in 3 payments of $68)! On top of that, I will throw in the bonus module on preventing and healing burnout specifically related to caregiving absolutely FREE!

Take advantage of this deal while you can! Once the course releases on November 11th, the price will go back to the regular $289 and the bonus module will cost an additional $70.